Case Study
National Recycling Week
Project Overview
HTML, CSS Coding Case Study
May 2021 - September 2021
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Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite

The Case Study

The aim is to redesign Planet Ark's website  for National Recycling Week, and completely code it from scratch. This is their current website:


First, the strengths and weaknesses of the site had to be understood.

Problem Areas
Heavy and uninspiring design for an event which is designed to inspire action.
Declutter arrangement
Lighten feel of the landing the page
Asymetric elements to break the grid will help maintain visual interest.
Too stimulating likely prompting users to leave page more quickly or skim over without really absorbing in the content of the page.
Transitions  to ease the user into the heavier content of the webpage
Reduction in amount of images
Use of icons for easy understanding.
Jarring color palette
Streamlined + toned


Wireframes were produced for desktop, tablet and mobile viewports. The high fidelity outcome is seen below.


It might not be the best software for coding, but Adobe's Dreamweaver was a good starting base to code the website. HMTL, CSS and some Java Script was used. The site was basic, but was a good introduction to coding.

Final Product

The final output was a product of learning the basics of coding. Section jumps, relative positioning and responsive design were at the core of the design.

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