Project Overview
May 2021 - September 2021
Cloud focuses on creating calm during in-between moments. Instead of catching up on social media, calls or emails, time spent on a trip with Cloud offers a customised meditation which guides you back to reality as you approach your destination. Arrive grounded and refreshed, ready for the next adventure. 
Software Used
Adobe CC Suite

Design Problem

Cloud came from the frustration of attempting to use my morning commute on the chaotic London Underground as time for meditation. I couldn't focus because I was scared to miss my stop.

In a busy city,

commuting ≠ meditation time

but what if,

commuting is time for meditation


Research included interviewing a variety of individuals, the creation of user personas, mapping empathy paths and understanding user wants and needs.

Interview Synthesis
Transport Behaviours

Regular Transport Behaviours
Cycling (metro), private car (regional). 

Go-To Nav App
Google Maps, CityMapper. 

Public vs. Private
Public transport only used out of cost, distance or convenience. 

Transport Downtime Preferences
Observation, reflection, winding down. Preference to be alone or  surrounded by others minding their own business. 

Planned or Rushed Use?
Most  were not in a rush when they needed a transport app. 

Meditation Behaviours

Go-To App + Use:
Almost no one uses one app for meditation - wants free + diverse network. 

App Experience
The experience of meditation is  deeply personal + subjective.

Added Value
Almost everyone felt meditation added value to their day. 
Important Factors When Choosing Transportation Type
Almost wholly dependent on time, cost and additional stress. 

What Do Users Truly Need?
Simplicity, responsive customer service, knowledgable drivers. 
Financial Behaviours

Propensity to Pay for a Premium Service
For an emergency, if I was on vacation or they were going to a special event. 

Pay-As-You-Go vs. Membership
PAYG preferred.

User Persona
User Wants & Needs


The flow of the site was developed to be streamlined, with no dead ends to ensure user satisfaction.

Site Map

Usability Testing

Three key tasks scripts where selected and tested with a small sample of users with varying ages, digital proficiency and transport needs.

Findings and recommendations were produced.

Final Product

Cloud is an experiment in managing our more often than not busy and stressful day-to-day lives by combining transit with meditation.

The app is designed to feel simple, calming, and luxurious whilst still maintaining an element of playfulness.

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